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Donna Mae Scheib

Tips for Recharging Your Assisted Living Facility's Marketing

Posted by Donna Mae Scheib on July 07, 2017

Tips for Recharging Your Assisted Living Facility’s Marketing

Give your marketing a jumpstart to increase inquiries, move-ins, and referrals.

Sometimes, no matter how long your assisted living home has been around or how well known it is, inquiries and traffic can slow down. If you feel that your assisted living home’s sales and marketing efforts are getting stale and you aren’t seeing as many prospects come through the door, you might need to recharge and reenergize your marketing efforts.

Assess the Problem

First, look at what type of marketing your assisted living facility is currently doing and then determine what’s working and what isn’t. Evaluate what course of action you can take to increase the number of prospects and improve sales.

Don’t rely on just a few sources for leads and sales. In order to achieve full occupancy and be profitable in today’s market, it’s necessary to be proactive. You have to get out there, do outreach, and hunt for new business.

In order to be successful, it’s important to keep in mind that marketing your assisted living facility consists of many interdependent pieces. The following ideas should help you come up with ways to better position and promote your assisted living facility.

Determine What Makes You Different

Think about the qualities that attract prospects to your assisted living facility. What draws people to your community? What can you offer to create a unique senior living experience and stand out from the competition?

Take a long, hard look at your marketing materials. Do they make you sound the same as every other assisted living facility? If they do, think about what you can do to separate your senior living home from the rest. Consider packaging up your services.

Strengthen Your Web Presence

How does your assisted living home’s web presence stack up against the competition? A growing number of customers are researching their senior living options online. If you’re receiving little to no inquiries from your assisted living facility’s website, something is wrong. Consider getting your assisted living home’s website redesigned, adding stronger calls-to-action, and making the site more engaging with videos and imagery.

Generate More Referrals

Building relationships that generate more referrals is also an important aspect of marketing an assisted living home. Professionals who work with seniors, like social workers and healthcare providers, often provide a lot of referrals to assisted living facilities.

Make a plan to talk with primary care practitioners that work with the elderly, gerontologists, social workers, and the like. Visit clinics and community organizations to introduce your facility, share your brochures, and build long-term relationships.

Share Your Expertise with the Community

Build your reputation as a senior living expert and thought leader in your community by sharing your expertise. For example, you can offer to speak about aging at local community organizations, share your thoughts on a blog, or build relationships with local journalists so they reach out to you for comments when they have aging-related stories.

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