About Us


To link people to senior housing and other senior supportive services.


At Senior Living Link, we all come to work every day because we want to organize the noise for people seeking senior housing and other supportive senior services.  People are confused.  Seniors and their loved ones don’t know if they should stay home and seek in-home care services or if they should move into senior housing.  People don’t know what the best answer is for their level of care needs.  In addition, which decision supports their financial capabilities and goals.

Our answer to the confusion and worry is our platform and our phone number.  We provide a place where people go to discover businesses in senior housing and other supportive senior services.  We believe that learning relevant and usable information overcomes confusion and worry. Having resources does this as well.  We provide our own office phone number as well as direct phone numbers to the businesses we list because we are your resource, we all are.  The antidote people need is a web page or a phone call away.  Talk to us at 1-844-480-8572.



Donna-Mae Scheib, MN, RN

Donna-Mae drives Senior Living Link’s strategic vision and manages the national referral relations as well as the network of memberships.

Donna-Mae is driven to help businesses thrive in their endeavor to support seniors.  She believes that a stronger industry generates more resources for seniors and that leads to a positive impact for our communities and that collectively leads to an increase in the standards of how our nation cares for our seniors and their families.  Donna-Mae works to level the playing field in the senior housing marketplace by standardizing the cost for customer referrals.  She supports Senior Living Link’s model to not charge referral or placement fees to senior housing providers and hopes their success encourages other agencies to lower the fees they charge their senior housing networks.