About Us


To create a common online meeting area for people and senior housing service providers.



Donna-Mae Scheib, MN, RN

I’ve been a registered nurse with a masters in geriatric nursing for 12 years.  Wow, 12 years already? I guess what they say is true. Time does fly when you are having fun.


In all my years in the industry, I have naturally fallen into a role of what feels like a matchmaker.  Although, my matches do not end in marriages and a white picket fence.  But, my career as a matchmaker do result in something just as meaningful and magical.  I connect seniors and their advocates with providers who offer senior housing and services.  While I’ve witnessed the joy, peace, and relief of making successful placements, I’ve seen some unfortunate not so lucky ones as well.  One thing I’ve learned through it all is that successful transitioning into senior housing and services requires having options.  Options are key to making the best decision. 

And so, my amazing team and I created a free online meeting area for you to learn about all the options available to you.  This essential tool is Senior Living Link.

Search through our nationwide robust senior housing directory for free.  Narrow down your search by location (city or state or zip code) or by senior housing types (assisted living, memory care, residential care, etc.).  Do all this any time at your convenience in the comfort of wherever you have internet and data.  Share your findings easily and freely with one another.  And when you are ready to refine your search, directly visit or call your listing of interest. 

Note:  If you seek a senior placement advisor or a physical person to guide you through this process, I highly encourage you find one in your local area.  It is not a service we provide.  However, feel free use our site as a tool in conjunction with your advisor.  There is no harm in that!


​​We have love for you too!  There is no question that senior housing providers and care providers are the most committed, hardworking, compassionate people out there!  In the years that I’ve been in the industry, it still breaks my heart to see good businesses fail and close shop because of too high of vacancy rates for too long.  A person like me cannot advocate for seniors without advocating for you professionals as well.  There simply is no housing and care support for seniors without you service-oriented providers.  I will do my best to add online exposure to your business on our platform.  If you do your best maintaining and striving to increase your high standards of care and services.


You could say that this site is my desire to make a social club where people can mingle and find one another with respect to senior housing and care services.  The right match is key in so many ways.  With the right placement, seniors have their highest potential for quality of life in the delicate last chapters of their lives.  Senior advocates and love ones get to experience the positive experience and the gift of peace of mind.  And, great capable providers get to keep doing what they are doing by staying in service.  Everybody involved wins!  Most of all, nothing brings me more joy then happy stories from successful matches.  Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to indulge in my passion.