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During snowy days, there are ways for the elderly to get help with new challenges that arise. Older people, especially those who are homebound or disabled, face significant health risks in the winter season. Depending on where you live, winter may be hazardous or no different from other seasons. read more

Ways To Prevent Bedsores

Published January 04, 2020 by Donna Mae Scheib

For seniors and their caregivers, it is very important to know the risk factors of bedsores and how to prevent them. Clinically known as pressure ulcers, bedsores are skin and tissue injuries that form on the tight skin over bony areas, such as the ankles, heels, hips, shoulder blades, and tailbone, as a result of constant pressure on the skin. read more

Top Places To Retire

Published November 05, 2019 by Donna Mae Scheib

Upon reaching our golden years, many of us look around for top places to retire. The correct answer for you will depend on a variety of factors such as affordability, climate, community, proximity to loved ones, and quality of healthcare. read more

This article provides a list of six things an elder law attorney can do to help family caregivers. In a nutshell, elder law addresses the concerns of seniors and their loved ones (often their adult children) as regards healthcare, finances, housing, and care. read more

Insomnia As We Age

Published October 07, 2019 by Donna Mae Scheib

It is important to know that many of us will face an increased risk of insomnia as we age. Insomnia is typically defined as difficulty falling or staying asleep, and persistent insomnia disorder is a severe condition where insomnia occurs at least three nights per week over the course of at least one month. read more

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