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Balance Problems

Published January 31, 2022 by Chad Scheib

Balance problems/disorders are very common for older adults. In fact, an estimated 90 million Americans experience at least one balance problem in their lifetime. read more

Identity Theft

Published January 25, 2022 by Chad Scheib

As a senior citizen, it becomes increasingly important to know which things to avoid to prevent identity theft. This crime is defined as using someone's identifying information without their consent for financial gain -be it spending money, loans, credit, or other benefits. Senior citizens are among the most frequently targeted groups, along with children, high-income people, and frequent social media users. read more

Most of us have heard time and time again: It is important to get your documents in order so your loved ones will know what to do upon your death. What will happen to your personal belongings? How about your debts? read more

Hearing Loss

Published January 01, 2022 by Donna Mae Scheib

People's sense of hearing is impacted as they age. Approximately 1/3 of individuals between the ages of 65-74 exhibit some level of hearing loss which increases to 50% for seniors over the age of 75. Many of these individuals may not know they are suffering from a hearing loss and some might not want to admit it. read more

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