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Ways To Deal With Grief

Published July 12, 2019 by Donna Mae Scheib

Most of us are probably familiar with the stages of grief as a concept. The Kübler-Ross model by psychiatrist Elisabeth Kübler-Ross in 1961 famously identified the "five stages of grief" as denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance in that order; however, more recent theories have suggested that the order of stages may vary greatly from person to person, include additional stages, and exclude others. In particular, psychologists have started paying more attention to the phenomenon of anticipatory grief: experiencing many of the same feelings in response to an anticipated loss. read more

With age, there is a natural build-up of stress and overall wear on the feet causing foot problems to increase. Think of it this way: People are now living on an average of 30 years longer than 100 years ago, so that is 30 more years of mileage on your feet! read more

Developing An Emergency Plan

Published June 27, 2019 by Donna Mae Scheib

When you think of an emergency plan, you probably think of various steps you have prepared to take in the event of a disaster such as a fire or storm, or becoming the victim of an accident or crime. These plans typically stay the same as we age, but senior citizens in particular face a new set of concerns: the health and dependency needs that eventually necessitate that they move into a senior living facility. read more

There are many recent research studies that show the impact of regular and long-term meditation on seniors' lives. By incorporating a pattern of meditation of approximately 20 minutes a day, you, too, can yield physical, mental, and emotional health benefits leading to an increased quality of life. read more

Recent studies have reported that a significant number of older adults are not getting the protection they need from potential illnesses and diseases. To be more precise, approximately 30% of individuals over 65 do not get an annual flu shot; 66% miss the shingles vaccine; 43% are not up-to-date on their tetanus shots. read more

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