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This article provides a list of six things an elder law attorney can do to help family caregivers. In a nutshell, elder law addresses the concerns of seniors and their loved ones (often their adult children) as regards healthcare, finances, housing, and care. read more

New Innovation Senior Dating Sites

Published September 05, 2019 by Donna Mae Scheib

Senior dating sites are a relatively new innovation that has emerged from the rise in dating sites in general. With increasing numbers of seniors going online, and increasing numbers having been divorced, separated, or widowed, senior dating sites fill a definite niche in the market. read more

Psychologists along with other health professionals have routinely reported that the practice of sharing what we are grateful for (i.e., practicing an attitude of gratitude) leads to increased overall health and happiness. In fact, they say that consciously living with an attitude of gratitude can be really life-changing. Life-changing! read more

Planning For Your Grandchildren

Published August 19, 2019 by Donna Mae Scheib

For new grandparents, it's important to know how to plan for your grandkids so they can have resources growing up. Our responses as grandparents can range from financial support and occasional visits to actively helping to raise the children. read more

Given the unique life circumstances seniors face, there are plenty of organizations that can help us as we age. This article provides a list of organizations seniors can consult for help with housing, healthcare, insurance, legal protection, employment, education, volunteerism, and more. read more

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