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Why Senior Living Link?

Senior Living Link strives to empower families to research senior living facilities independently from the help of senior placement agencies and advisors.  This goal in itself is unique to many other senior living websites available to you.

Senior Living Link is free for your immediate use.  Unlike other websites that require you to submit personal information before having access to information they filter then provide to you, Senior Living Link does not require an account set up.  In addition, the information we provide you is ready for your immediate use.  This means we do not filter the information you seek for your relevancy. Our approach is to provide you with the most comprehensive searchable platform so that the information you seek is limitless.  

Senior Living Link is accurate and our user friendly platform gives you direct access to senior living facilities across the United States. Our directory identifies more than 55,000 U.S. senior living facilities including assisted living in a large facility or a home setting, skilled nursing and rehabilitation centers, and nursing homes. Most importantly, the information we provide you gives you direct access to connect with these facilities. This platform is live and it’s constantly updated to ensure that accurate and reliable information is available.

Senior Living Link is not a senior placement agency or senior placement advisors.  Our goal is to provide families with an alternative to find the perfect senior living home for themselves or their loved ones.  With placement agencies and advisors, senior living facilities have to join their networks in order to be a part of their database.  If certain facilities choose not to become part of their network to avoid placement fees, then these facilities and their services unfortunately are not available to those who seek the help of that particular placement agency or advisor.  At Senior Living Link we do not require facilities to be a part of our network, rather we encourage them to keep their information updated on our website.  Because of this approach, our content is transparent and we take pride in providing you with an unbiased directory.

Performing your own personal search online using a general search engine can easily become a cumbersome process.  And, not all websites are of the same quality or content.  Utilizing Senior Living Link as your primary research tool ensures that you get reliable and accurate information.  For this reason, you will minimize your search time because our search friendly platform gives you consistent information.  Providing you with consistent information makes your comparisons apples to apples and you can focus on your top priorities when finding a senior living home.

For people who begin with Senior Living Link with full intentions of not requiring the hands on assistance of a placement advisor but later realize that they do prefer one, do not be discouraged.  Senior Living Link has a placement advisor directory.  Simply identify one in your specific location and contact an advisor who seems right for you.