About Us

About Us

I dedicate Senior Living Link to the countless of families and residential care homes I’ve been lucky enough to serve in my career as a registered nurse in geriatrics in Seattle, Washington. 

SeniorLivingLink.org is a product of a calling that always asked me:  Could I give more of myself?

Our mission is two-fold:

       1.  Empower families by giving them a transparent way to find senior housing and services.

       2.  Increase access to senior living communities and service providers by giving them an unbiased platform with the ability to showcase their uniqueness under one trusted online source.

SeniorLivingLink.ORG connects people with senior living communities and senior living service providers. 

People visit us because we are the only resource online that provides transparent information so you can search, compare, and contrast communities and service providers with confidence.  Save time and energy by narrowing down your search by matching the type of community or service you are seeking with your desired zip code.  We also give you their accurate phone numbers so you can reach them directly! 

When it comes to linking you to your desired communities or service providers in your location, you’ve arrived at the right place.  No longer will you need to open hundreds of separate search windows with hundreds of separate names to remember.  Find all these places, and more, in one trusted website.