About Us

About Us

Senior Living Link serves people seeking senior living housing and support as well as senior living housing providers.  Our ability to provide this service stems from the experience and expertise from our founder Donna Mae Scheib, a geriatric registered nurse Seattle, Washington.  During Donna Mae's career with guiding families and consulting senior housing providers, she witnessed common trending problems.  Families found it difficult to find an online resource where they can begin the search for senior housing.  She also noticed more and more senior housing providers seeking a better strategy for marketing their services online. 

Our mission at Senior Living Link is to provide a solution for these trending and common struggles.  Our mission therefore, is two-fold:

       1.  Empower families by giving them a comprehensive directory to easily find senior housing and supportive services.

       2.  Increase access and traffic to senior living communities and service providers by creating a user friendly online platform and effectively using social media. 

We find that people trust our directory for their senior housing searches because we have the most robust national online listing available. No longer do people need to open hundreds of separate search windows with hundreds of separate names to remember.  We are the first and only resource people find they need for their senior housing and supportive services search.

Senior housing providers trust us because we increase online traffic to their businesses as a result of our innovative marketing strategies both online and in social meda.  We focus on what makes specific communities stand out and effectively position them in social media to increase online exposure and traffic.

Our goal at Senior Living Link is to create a positive experience for people on the journey to find senior housing and supportive services while also providing innovative marketing strategies to increase online exposure and ultimately increased customers for businesses in senior housing and senior support services.