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While it may be impossible to nail down the true meaning of life, let's look at a few theories in the field of psychology and consider how applying these schools of thoughts to our own lives may help us discover truth and meaning, regardless of what life stage we're in. read more

Scheduled events and activities in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and even independent living communities can take a lot of work and planning for a community director or activity coordinator. Here are some suggestions to help make sure your events are successful—both in numbers and in spirit. read more

One characteristic of those suffering from dementia is that they tend to repeat questions and stories and repeat them often. This can be frustrating for the caregiver and for those who spend time with the senior. Here are some tips for addressing these repetitions and making the time spent with your loved one more enjoyable. read more

Many seniors have accrued a lifetime's worth of household items they no longer need—these items may even make their space less livable. Helping a loved one declutter can be stressful and provoke anxiety. Here are some tips for getting started. read more

In the last few years, medical expenses have soared for everyone, senior citizens most of all. Although senior citizens only made up 15 percent of the United States population in 2016, that group accounted for 34 percent of healthcare-related spending. For senior citizens on a fixed income, the exorbitant price of health care has become a major issue. read more

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