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Donna Mae Scheib

Assisted Living Home Decorating Tips

Posted by Donna Mae Scheib on July 12, 2017

Assisted Living Home Decorating Tips

Create a comfortable setting and stylish ambiance for your aging loved one.

Just as you would decorate any living space, it’s important to help your aging loved one feel at home at her assisted living facility by decorating it to her liking. An assisted living space should feel warm, inviting, and comfortable while at the same time being functional, safe, and convenient.

Gone are the days of plain, dreary senior living spaces with no character. Here are some decorating tips that will get your assisted living space to look and feel just like home!

Incorporate Her Favorite Belongings

Your loved one’s new space will likely be smaller than her old one, but be sure to bring along her most prized belongings. Recreate her old space with photographs, books, and décor. If you find that there are many items that won’t fit into the new space, consider donating them. Ottomans and trunks can be used to store items while at the same time serving another purpose to maximize space.

Less Is More

Be aware of the size of the new space when selecting furniture. There’s no need to purchase new furniture because your loved one will likely be more appreciative if you recreate the look and feel of her old home with her existing furniture. However, avoid using glass furniture and furniture that has sharp corners because it can cause injury. Instead, look for furniture with round edges.

Remember that less is more, and try to keep things simple. Clear away items that clutter pathways and require your loved one to walk around them to avoid. For example, get rid of items like magazine racks and other small, non-essential home accessories.

Use Decorations That Encourage Social Interaction

Make games and activities readily available in the living space so that they can easily be pulled out and used when visitors come. Unique artwork and decorative items can also serve as conversational pieces that pique visitors’ interest and encourage social interaction.

Improve Accessibility and Prevent Injuries

Remove tripping hazards, such as electrical cords and loose rugs, so that walkways are accessible for walkers, wheelchairs or canes. Put any items that your loved one frequently uses, such as eating utensils, in highly accessible drawers or cabinets. Keep phones near seating or a bed.

Make sure that all lamps and light switches are easy to use. Set up motion-sensor nightlights to light up pathways at night. Light sconces are also a chic and effective lighting option. 

Bring Elements from Outside, Inside

Decorating with elements from the outside, such as houseplants, will be especially crucial if your loved one is unable to spend much time outdoors. Incorporate artwork and other decorative items that are evocative of nature and the outdoors. Items from nature create a healing environment that boosts overall health and well-being.

Pick the Right Colors

As one ages, eyesight tends to decline, so choosing walls, furniture, drapes, and floors with strong contrasts in color is recommended. This will help to improve visibility during the day. It’s also important to consider how certain colors make one feel. Colors like blue, green, and yellow have the capacity to heal, for example.

Decorations reflect your aging loved one’s personality and lifestyle. Have fun decorating your loved one’s assisted living space and get her feedback throughout the process while keeping her safety and comfort at the forefront of your mind.

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