Senior Living Blog - May, 2018

Medicare is used by over 58 million people in the United States, with over 49 million of these beneficiaries being over the age of 65. According to a 2014 survey completed by a private organization called the Commonwealth Fund that focused on Medicare, the United States healthcare coverage for seniors seems to fall behind 10 other countries including Australia, Germany, United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Canada. Providing quality healthcare is not an easy feat and requires a complex solution. read more

ONE easy & free tool to fill vacancies in your assisted living or care home. Create your community profile and be found by 40,000+ people who view us every month, have a FREE profile with your own web address, and never pay a referral or placement fee....EVER! read more

Osteoporosis is a disease that causes your bones to become weak and brittle so the bones (i.e., most often hip, spine, and the wrist) fracture or break more easily upon falling or by undergoing mild stresses like bending over or even coughing. You may not know that you have this disease until the bone actually fractures or breaks. read more

Traveling around the United States and the world offers a glimpse into the lives of others and is an opportunity to be exposed to various languages, cultures, food, and nature. It is often something that one does not just experience once and is satisfied; traveling becomes a way of life to continue learning and exploring. Do you have a list of places or experiences that you desire to see or complete? read more

As frequently as we hear about topics of healthcare, insurance premiums, coverage policies, and financial assistance programs, it is easy to become confused between two words that sound so similar: Medicare and Medicaid. Let's break down the differences between Medicare and Medicaid to decipher the benefits of each and how they can impact you. read more

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