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Seniors and Driving

Published December 10, 2021 by Chad Scheib

Driving is yet another change when people age. It is always important to drive safely or it may be necessary to find other viable options to meet mobility needs. Let's look at some of the changes that can affect the ability to drive safely especially as people age and also what can be done to continue to drive as safely as possible. read more

Helpful Senior Living Apps

Published November 23, 2021 by Donna Mae Scheib

Nowadays there are many apps that can help us as we age, mainly because seniors are increasingly using mobile technology. A Pew Research Center report estimates that 42% of people over 65 own smartphones and 67% use the internet. Seniors often use different apps than younger generations due to their particular needs, and many apps even focus on them specifically. read more

Seniors and Technology

Published October 25, 2021 by Chad Scheib

Seniors are getting more and more interested in using computers. Recent studies revealed that nearly 70% of adults over age 65 who live in the US use the internet (that's a 20% increase in the past 5 years!) with many of these individuals stating they use social media daily. In addition, close to 1/3 of those adults who indicated they use a computer also play online games. As this trend continues for seniors to increasingly use technology, it is important to look at some key factors to consider before purchasing a device: whether a desktop computer, laptop computer or tablet. read more

Benefits For Veterans

Published June 01, 2021 by Donna Mae Scheib

For veterans and their loved ones, knowing the benefits available for senior veterans can be a helpful way to obtain healthcare, housing, senior care, employment, and other necessities. The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA), which officially provides veteran benefits, reports that there were over 12.4 million veterans 65 or older in 2012. Many of them served in the Korean War, Vietnam War, World War II, or Persian Gulf War. read more

As the COVID-19 lockdown is projected to continue to varying degrees into 2021, many senior community activities have emerged to keep residents connected and engaged. read more

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