Celebrate Mother's Day

Donna Mae Scheib

Celebrate Mother's Day

Posted by Donna Mae Scheib on May 07, 2019

Celebrate Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to let your mother know that you are thinking about her. Although the holiday is celebrated the world over at different times of the year, the meaning of the day is the same. What are some suggestions to show appreciation and love for your mother?

If the distance is a factor, consider…

  • Ordering flowers – A bouquet of flowers brightens up the day. Pick out some of her favorites and arrange for delivery. Many flower arrangements come with balloons, a stuffed animal or box of chocolates. Who can’t resist that?
  • Sending a personal card – The stores are filled with assorted cards to best match your sentiments – do you want funny, inspirations, religious…? Or you can create your own card online or with construction paper/markers. Add a greeting or poem.
  • Creating a picture album – There are many companies that can help you put together a photo book or photo collage of family members in a short amount of time. All you need is some photos and you’ll be set to help bring back family memories for your loved one. It’s truly a gift that your mother can enjoy over and over.
  • Giving gifts that she can use – Although it may be difficult to think of things your mother needs at this time in her life, spending a few minutes to brainstorm ideas might just generate some great choices.  How about some money or a gift card designated for a haircut, manicure, or spa treatment?  Maybe a subscription to a magazine or newspaper, or a basket of fresh fruit with a few healthy (and not so healthy) snacks? Does she need some warm socks, a new quilt, a pretty sweater? If she listens to a certain type of music or has enjoyed a movie actor or specific show, you might want to find a CD or video that features her “likes”.
  • Calling to chat – Plan to talk to your mother that day and share a few stories and laughs. She will be reminded just how much her role has meant in your life and undoubtedly, she will be happy that you called.

Spending time with her...

  • Going out to eat – It’s always a popular choice at any time of the day (brunch, lunch, or dinner). Maybe there is a favorite spot or you can try a new restaurant that you think Mom will like. If the weather is warm enough, she might like to eat outside or go for a stroll or drive afterward. Does she like a quiet, peaceful place to eat? Try finding a more intimate restaurant away from the city center…possibly overlooking the water or in the country. If she wants to be around lots of people, you can look for any number of restaurants that feature a Mother’s Day meal that day. There will be many that offer a buffet of various delicacies.
  • Taking a class together – Check out the local spots for a fun class. Try yoga (chair yoga if that is more fitting), wine-tasting, cooking, gardening or an art class (painting, pottery, drawing).
  • Participating in community activities – If your mother is at a residential center or nursing home, arrange to spend time in an activity that is offered on-site. Call ahead of time to see the daily schedule. Plan on staying for lunch or dinner. Bring a board game or puzzle for added entertainment. You might want to set up a bird feeder or make a small flower garden outside her window so she can enjoy the birds and flowers throughout the upcoming months. You can also check out the local activities in the community if you are taking her out. Try a nature preserve, historical society or museum, library, dinner show, movie, concert or zoo visit.

Mother’s Day is an important day to let your mother know how much you love and appreciate what she has done for you throughout your life. What will you do this year to show your mother just that? Here’s to a Happy Mother’s Day and a day well-spent!

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