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Donna Mae Scheib

New Innovation Senior Dating Sites

Posted by Donna Mae Scheib on September 05, 2019

New Innovation Senior Dating Sites

Senior dating sites are a relatively new innovation that has emerged from the rise in dating sites in general. With increasing numbers of seniors going online, and increasing numbers having been divorced, separated, or widowed, senior dating sites fill a definite niche in the market. Many senior dating sites expressly appeal to the demographic of people over 50, providing opportunities to start a new relationship well before retirement –not that it’s any limit since these senior dating sites will connect you with potentially compatible people in your age range just like any other dating sites.

Using dating sites as a senior likewise involves much of the same advice as navigating any other dating sites. For instance, profiles should describe your unique personality, talents, and values instead of defaulting to clichés such as the “likes long walks on the beach” line. After all, potential matches will want some idea of who you really are. Some sites give the option to list “deal breakers” that you cannot have in a relationship; it is best to limit these to major issues so that you don’t have a long list that deters people but don’t compromise your standards. And of course, you should make sure you’re ready to start dating again; if the prospect seems more daunting than exciting and/or you still have difficult feelings from past relationships, you should wait. Your friends can help you set up a good profile on a dating site you choose for its reputability.

This article will explain how to choose senior dating sites that can safely and reliably make matches for you. It’s important to know that after taking the following steps for arranging any date, you should be persistent –don’t be discouraged if you can’t find the right person immediately. Online dating will introduce you to people you never would have met otherwise, but it may still take several introductions to find someone truly compatible. Always keep up self-respect; don’t try to force a connection, but don’t give up either, because you’ll eventually find a relationship with long-term prospects.

Popular senior dating sites

A surefire way of getting date recommendations would be to visit the most popular senior dating sites, which naturally have many members near you. There are free and pay-to-play options, and choosing between them is a matter of weighing budget and transparency (since people who give sites their credit card information will not be anonymous). Popular senior dating sites include:

  • Our Time: A free website with the option to pay for a premium membership. It connects wide networks of people over 50 across the world. This site offers live chats, audio and video greetings, 24/7 customer service, and the privacy to disable your profile or block specific users from viewing it.
  • Senior Match: Another free website with the option to pay for a premium membership. This highly ranked website connects people by interests and verifies your demographic information for other users. It offers a newsfeed and forums to keep you up-to-date on the site’s state of affairs.
  • Elite Singles: This dating site is considered highly efficient for its connection of people with similar interests, particular individuals with four-year degrees and high income. The site uses a personality model to recommend matches, safely verifying user information. Its features include private messaging, subscriptions for the site’s blog articles and resources, and real-time notifications.
  • Silver Singles: A dating site for people over 50 seeking long-term relationships, with a monthly fee to contact matches. It makes accurate recommendations based on your personal information and personality testing, and it offers a “favorite” list that will let people know you have considered them.
  • Dating for Seniors: A paid site with a 3-day free trial. It is popular and easy to use, automatically registering your location to find matches near you. Its “Rapid Match” feature allows you to scroll through these options quickly.

Generally speaking, most dating sites have options for seniors. Age is just one of many demographics that inspires niche dating sites while the general ones also account for it; religion, sexuality, education, profession, location, and interests are other factors for which specialized dating sites exist. The next section of this article will outline some precautions to take when using any dating site.

Staying safe on senior dating sites

Like other dating sites and online services for seniors, senior dating sites run the risk of being scams or hosting untrustworthy individuals. Before choosing the dating site itself, conduct a search to make sure it is reputable; sites with few reviews are too obscure to provide you many dating options at best, and fraudulent at worst. Some scams will already have negative reviews exposing them as such. The sites listed above are examples of reputable sites; always make sure a site is likewise established, with positive press from users, before providing your demographic or credit card information to it. More extensive lists of senior dating sites can be found on

Members of dating sites have some chances of being “ghosts” who disappear without explanation, “catfishers” who lie about their personal information (often for financial gain), or online predators. As mentioned, paid sites often but not always filter out many of these bad actors. To make sure someone is who they say they are, request a video chat or talk on a mobile phone (rather than a home phone that can be traced to your address). Fraudulent profiles also tend to have low friend counts on social media and seem too good to be true. To stay safe on the actual dates, meet in safe public spaces such as coffee shops; tell your loved ones your plans, and wait until you know and trust your date from multiple meetings before letting them drive you anywhere.

Senior dating sites generally provide the option to block and report suspicious users, which has gradually made them safer spaces for matchmaking. If you take your time on various dates and keep yourself open to the possibilities, these sites can lay a foundation for lasting relationships in your golden years.

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